The Marble Hornets Drinking Game

YES. I DID INDEED CREATE THIS. Only for those absolutely brave or stupid enough to do this.

Rules are as follows:

-1 shot every time audio distortion prevents you from clearly hearing the dialogue (you have to be unable to understand what’s being said.)

-1 shot every time Jay or Alex go into the woods or another deserted location alone.

-1 shot for every appearance of the Operator Symbol.

-1 shot for each time a wild Slenderman appears (sort of the obligatory rule. Had to have it)

-2 shots every time Jay acts without any common sense.

-1 shot every time dialogue from the film Marble Hornets is ridiculously cheesy and dumb

- Finish your drink when a character’s motivations are unclear.

Final rule for those dumb enough to play this far:

- One shot for each time a Totheark entry is cryptic and weird.

I wish you all luck, and I hope you live through it.